21 April, 2009

New RMD Drawing!

One more done. Slowly getting the hang of drawing with a tablet and their online drawing tool. Check it out here. If you join the site, ratings are appreciated, as are critiques.

15 April, 2009

Cool Site.

For all of my fellow artists...illustrators....doodlers....what ever you consider yourselves, you should check out this website I found called Rate My Drawings. It's a cool site with a ton of artists from all over the world. The only catch is that all drawings submitted are drawn online using your mouse or tablet, and their Flash drawing program. Apparently, after you've done a few drawings you can open up a more advanced Java app. So check it out, it's a better way to spend time on the internet than looking up porn. Here's my first attempt.

07 April, 2009

Christianity, or Why are Christians almost always annoying?

First off, I'm not an atheist. I was raised Catholic, which led to my disdain for organized religion, but not necessarily to my agnosticism on the verge of atheism. Also, this isn't about my religious views. This is about Christians. Not all Christians mind you, just the vast majority. There are a few sane Christians. Somewhere.......

Okay. So here it is. I'm really tired of people saying "thank God for this", or "praise Jesus for that" for every little fucking thing. Not, "thank God I survived this 50 car pile-up" but, "thank God for that chocolate cake I ate at lunch." or "praise Jesus for American Idol." Now, these are not actual things I have heard or read, just slightly more absurd versions of the inane bullshit I'm tired of hearing and reading. Please. Stop kissing your god's ass for fuck's sake. It's pathetic. Give yourself some credit. Maybe God didn't help you land that new job. Maybe, just MAYBE, IT WAS YOU! Maybe all the hard work YOU did, and all of the things YOU'VE learned made you the right person for the job.

This probably sounds harsh, but I'm just so fucking tired of hearing about "God". It's shit like this that pushes me ever closer to being an atheist. I find it amazing that people have so little faith in themselves. Even more amazing to me is the people who NEED "God". They are so afraid of death, or being alone, or taking responsibility for their lives that they rely on some, very possibly imaginary, figure to take care of them. I just don't get it.

I'm ending this rant now. I could go on forever.

02 April, 2009

April Fool's Joke Gone Serious

The title makes this sound like some horrible accident that happened due to a foolhardy April Fool's Day joke but it is not. This is something wonderful.

As most people in my generation, I have fond memories of the original Star Wars trilogy. I saw them multiple times, I had a metric shit-ton of the toys, even had some of the old Marvel comics. But yesterday, a little company called ThinkGeek made a mock product for April Fool's and received so many requests for said product that they will be attempting to get licensing for it. What is this product you ask? Why.........this.......
That's right. A FRICKIN' TAUNTAUN SLEEPING BAG!!! I love the innard lining, the tauntaun head pillow, and the "light-up" lightsaber zipper pull. I'm no Lucas fanboy, but this would be a fantastic thing for anyone to own. One of the coolest references to THE coolest Star Wars film. Here's a link if you would like to let ThinkGeek know, you too, are interested in this becoming reality.

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