27 July, 2009

Another Watchmen post?

I know I just posted something about Watchmen. I just have one more thing to say. On Saturday, July 25th there was a live chat/commentary with Zack Snyder from SDCC via the BD-Live on the new Watchmen Blu-Ray. I did participate, and it was pretty fun. While the only interaction you could have with Zack was via questions you could send through an email system, there were quite a few good questions, and a lot of ridiculous ones. All of them were entertaining though. Snyder talked about the studios reticence to include SO much blue cock, the reasons behind some of the cut footage and also the reasons behind some of the sequences or lines that didn't make the transistion from page to screen. I have to say I really enjoyed this and I hope there are more studios, directors, etc. that take advantage of this capability in the future. So to anyone who does not have their BD player hooked up to their network........DO IT! Do it now. It's definitely worth it.

A late slap in the face

Hey....sorry I'm late.....I HAD SHIT TO DO, ALRIGHT? Christ......


I picked up Watchmen Director's Cut on Blu-Ray last Tuesday and it is a really nice
package. A lot of director's cuts are little more than the studio shoveling unnecessary footage
back into the movie to give the illusion of "the director's true vision" kinda thing. I don't feel that this is the case for Watchmen. The director's cut includes 24 minutes of footage trimmed for the theatrical release and most of it fits back into the film so well I barely noticed it. Other scenes, such as Hollis Mason's murder really stood out. Not because it didn't mesh well or felt out of place, but because it was a very well done sequence that I think definitely enhanced the viewing experience.

I'm happy to say this is a literal "2 disc special edition". I say literal because I have gotten increasingly tired of buying a film that says 2 disc special edition, and getting a pretty much worthless digital copy disc. That is not what I expect when I read the above. When I see 2 disc, I expect a disc for the film, and a disc of special features. If I want a digital copy, I will rip it, or buy it from iTunes, Amazon, etc. Anyway. The special features are decent and the "maximum movie mode" is pretty cool. Also the downloadable content via BD-Live was cool. You can download a few more behind the scenes featurettes, and cooler still, the viral marketing videos about Dr. Manhattan and The Keene Act. Now we come to the slap.....

Upon unsealing your fancy new movie, you notice a card on the left side of the case that says, "Coming December 09! Watchmen Ultimate Cut! 5 Discs etc, etc." Now I know that double dipping special editions have become a frustratingly commonplace occurrence in the home entertainment industry. Especially when it comes to genre films. To me, it is a real slap in the face when you buy a new DVD, or BD and you immediately get notification of a more "complete" version of a the film coming in the near future. Luckily, I am not interested in the new version coming. So, not THAT big of a deal to me. But I'm sure some people are probably pretty pissed. It's like paying to see a movie at the theatre, sitting down, and seeing a trailer for a new and improved version of the movie you just paid to watch coming next month! Maybe it's just me, but that seems like a real dick move. Whatever. Bottom line: movie was good, special features worth watching, and extra footage was seamless. I say pick it up, unless you are a big fanboy then wait for the "super special edition" in December.

18 July, 2009

It's been a while.

Well, it certainly has been. I am going to try to post a blog a week starting with this one.

I haven't been posting because I just got bored with it. It's not that I dislike blogging I just find it kind of boring, and I've never been one to be desperate for attention. I find it hard to be interested in the inanities of the lives of others, so by deduction I assume the same of others and my own.

Too bad. Now I guess I'll post and if you get bored.....don't worry. I am too.

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