23 September, 2009


I have begun the first of many Trans-Chronological Peregrinations (I will refer to these as TCP's hereafter). And I have decided to include renderings of some of the local fauna.

An unforeseen complication has arisen. My formula has not only allowed TCP's but also Trans-Dimensional Peregrinations, or TDP's. Needless to say, this has complicated things somewhat. Alas, as I contemplate my next step, feel free to view this, my first rendering. I have named this beast....... the CRIMSON DEATH SQUIRREL.

I would tell tale of the horrors I have seen these monsters wreak upon their prey............
but it's more than I can stand to retell for now. Perhaps another time............

19 September, 2009

EUREKA! (no, not the fucking T.V. show....)

I have discovered the mathematical proof that allows quantum physics and string theory to co-exist and complement each other. Needless to say, it is very complicated and involves chocolate pudding, Einstein's theory of relativity, and the film Night of the Lepus. This discovery also reveals the secret of one of mankind's greatest wishes..........the ability to TRAVEL THROUGH TIME!!!!!

The possibility of this formula falling into the wrong hands is far too great to risk posting here on this blog. So, in an effort to document this momentous occasion I will put myself in deadly peril by undertaking the first Trans-Chronological Peregrination alone, whilst illustrating the fantastic images I come upon, in glorious pen and ink.

Fear not, noble readers. I will venture into the unknown and return unscathed. (hopefully) Please return here, for future updates on my travels through the SPACE-TIME CONTINUUM!!
Until then, I bid you adieu.

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