27 July, 2009

Another Watchmen post?

I know I just posted something about Watchmen. I just have one more thing to say. On Saturday, July 25th there was a live chat/commentary with Zack Snyder from SDCC via the BD-Live on the new Watchmen Blu-Ray. I did participate, and it was pretty fun. While the only interaction you could have with Zack was via questions you could send through an email system, there were quite a few good questions, and a lot of ridiculous ones. All of them were entertaining though. Snyder talked about the studios reticence to include SO much blue cock, the reasons behind some of the cut footage and also the reasons behind some of the sequences or lines that didn't make the transistion from page to screen. I have to say I really enjoyed this and I hope there are more studios, directors, etc. that take advantage of this capability in the future. So to anyone who does not have their BD player hooked up to their network........DO IT! Do it now. It's definitely worth it.

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