09 September, 2008

When will someone stop this.

So, my girlfriend DVR'd the VMA's on MTV last night. When will someone step in and put a stop to this epic travesty? It was....how do I put this........craptacular perhaps? Yes. It was craptacular. The only thing good was the host, U.K. comic Russell Brand, whom everyone hated because he tore into the incredibly lame Jonas Bros. and just about anyone else. He also drew the ire of legions of Twilight fans (you know who you are) for cutting off Robert Pattinson, star of the upcoming film. Beware Russell Brand, watch out behind you for chubby girls dressed in black with pointy teeth. Sorry. Back to the matter at hand. Who will stop MTV? I don't just mean the VMA's, I mean the whole shebang. Somebody needs to step up and old yeller MTV's ass.


Jeff said...

Well, if World Peace was going to start somewhere...why not with MTV?

rtodaizh said...

When will someone stop this? When people stop talking about it. You really only have yourself to blame.

Seriously, though, I would suggest getting rid of cable. I haven't had cable for over 3 years and haven't though about MTV in all that time unless someone brings it up. Incidentally, I'm also a freak of nature that has little to no knowledge of popular culture. But that's a small price to pay.

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