04 March, 2009

Day One

Well. Our first day in Japan has already made all previous vacations pale in comparison. There is literally something to see everywhere you look. There is no unused space here. Every alley is filled with restaurants and shops and people. In Japan you will never go hungry or thirsty. There is a restaurant every few feet, and vending machines selling hot or cold drinks just a little further apart. The people are polite, other than that they mostly just ignore you. I did however, get spoken about as I walked by three 20 something Japanese guys. All I understood was
"America-jin" a couple times as I walked past. We went to Asakusa and visited Senso-Ji, a Buddhist temple dedicated to the Bohddisatva of Mercy Kwannon. It is an enormous temple with a long shopping arcade that leads to the jingu, or gate. The shops sell everything from sweets and snacks, to toys, statues, and costumes. Pretty much the only thing I did not see being sold was electronics. We also hit a couple of arcades which were mostly filled with middle aged men smoking and playing the games. They are so incredibly loud it is hard to describe. I think that is it for now, I will upload some pictures in a seperate post.

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