31 March, 2009

Saw Watchmen. Prefer it to the book.

I saw Watchmen over the weekend and I have to say that I quite enjoyed it.
Actually, I now prefer the film to the print version for a few reasons. Please don't think
I'm knocking the book. Far from it. The book is an interesting and fulfilling piece of literature.
Well drawn, and well written. But.................

GOD IS IT BORING! Yes. I said it. Watchmen, the book, is boring. Not to say that the movie doesn't have it's slow bits. It does. But the film does a very good job of streamlining the story into a digestible and entertaining 2.5 to 3 hours. The book took me longer to read than most novels. Simply because it is not really entertaining. All the "Black Freighter" stuff and the magazine interviews.....interesting. But boring.

The movie. A lot less boring. A little too much slow-mo, a little too "look how we framed the shot exactly like the comic panels!" but a lot less boring, and a lot more entertaining. Also, I LIKED the changed ending. The Dr. Manhattan frame up? Waaaaay better than the "war of the worlds" of the book. Just my opinion of course.

That's it. Go forth and multiply.

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Lord Spathington said...

Nice semi-review, but you finally just saw it? Were you like out of the country or something when it came out?


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