05 October, 2008

The Joker is real.

I don't know if anyone heard about the bank robbery that happened earlier this month in Monroe, WA, but it sounds like it's straight out of a Batman story.

Apparently, this genius of a criminal recruited decoys via Craigslist with the promise of a job. As long as those seeking a job arrived at the Bank of America at 11 am dressed in a yellow vest, safety goggles, respirator mask and if possible a blue shirt. About a dozen people showed up in the required attire thinking they had been stood up, until a man dressed the same way walked up, pepper sprayed an armored car guard, grab some bags of cash and ran off.

To his getaway vehicle.

A yellow inner tube on a creek that lead to the Skyomish river.

He is still at large, and I have to say I do NOT condone bank robbery. But this guy deserves that money because he is a fuckin' criminal genius.

The Joker lives!

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Lord Spathington said...

Wow. Awesome, simply awesome.

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